I consider myself a Truth Seeker. As a Truth Seeker, I like to study and understand Process. As a technologist, this suits and enhances my work. When problems arise, I continue, hour after hour, to gather information to help me better understand the Causes and Effects of issues and faults and arrive at resolutions.

With the Wisdom Wheel, we consider truth from all four quadrants. Some of us are more comfortable understanding truth intellectually and struggle to embrace it emotionally. Emotional truth is harder to quantify. How do I accept something that may feel wrong? Is it me? Is my ego getting in the way? I need more practice at learning to Trust. If we’re uncomfortable with a fact, we tend to disregard it. Regardless of external reality, sometimes we create their own version of reality.

The other night, I laid in bed thinking about absolute truth. Is there such a thing? Or is truth is relative? I believe that in the spiritual domain “We are all connected” is true. As a scientist, I fervently believe in logical and careful observations. Many things are absolutely true: the speed of light, or if someone has their head cut off they will die. Part of the Power of the Wisdom Wheel lies in accepting the truth of the Ultimate Reality that we will all die. By Surrendering to not just intellectual truths but also social and physical ones we can all learn to become better stewards, not just of each other, but of Mother Earth.

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