The Red Cross and the Red Road


Today, I was supposed to be in New Hampshire helping friends cut some felled trees. But the steady rain from Hurricane Matthew cancelled out those plans. My heart goes out to the thousands in Haiti, where Hurricane Matthew has wreaked unimaginable havoc. No doubt the Red Cross, among other charitable organizations, will solicit donations for the victims.

I think back to Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and the outpouring of funds in its wake. Apparently, the Red Cross collected well over $500 million, however, much of that money is unaccounted for. The Red Cross refuses to share details of how the money was spent. Non-profits’ books should be open to the public, in my opinion. Haitian government officials claim they never received sums near that amount. But local governments also have spotty records when it comes to dispersing aid dollars.

When I think of the “Red Cross”, I envision just that: a red cross. It corresponds to the red road indicating the four quadrants of the Wisdom Wheel: Integrity, Higher Purpose, Trust and Right Action. If the Red Cross adhered to these laws of the Wisdom Wheel, I suspect they’d be a very different organization.

Perhaps there are more transparent agencies we can donate our money and time to. But the only thing I know for certain is that Haiti needs our help, now more than ever.

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