Truth and Consequences


What are the consequences of not speaking the truth? The Ultimate Reality of lying is that we cannot be Trusted. Lies cost more than truth over the long run. Truth has a way of shining the light on our Shadows.

Truth puts us in Right Relationship with ourselves and others when we have the Courage to face up to it.

There’s a Buddhist saying: “Everything is perfect, with room for improvement.” When we go inward on the Journey towards self knowledge and understanding, we begin to Love ourselves just as we are. Then the need to live a lie on the outside is alleviated, because we are not living the lie on the inside. Yes, we all have flaws and live imperfect lives and would prefer to hide certain things from others, but would we all not be happier if we embraced the truth of who we are? I feel it would free us up to be more creative and accepting of ourselves and others.

I’ve come to understand that lies are ego-led, whereas truth is spirit-led. The truth of recent wars the US has engaged in would overwhelm most of us, so we rely upon the platitudes of our leaders and swallow half truths. These are lies, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wars are often based upon lies, a false rationale, to justify the impending action. Far more soldiers have died from suicide than from battles abroad this century. Now that is a truth worth fighting for.