Shadow Season


Welcome to the Shadow Law. We’ll be living under this law during Leo season, which ends on August 23. The Journey Law will begin next, and we’ll start celebrating Virgo birthdays.

Working on your Shadow is hard work. We must look at what really motivates us and clean up our acts.

If our self-esteem is determined by how others treat us, that vulnerability can be manipulated by others. Social pressure and the need for approval can weaken our own confidence. Some people exploit this by shaming and judging. These are toxic methods for dominating others. The sad part of this is how many of us allow it.

People who have done their Shadow work see through this abusive behavior. They leave and the perpetrator is rendered harmless.

Shadow work brings the less pleasant truths about our fears and shortcomings to the surface. Once we recognize these beliefs and behaviors for what they are, we can accept them and the need to change.

In or Out?


Like many people, I wake up and sip my morning tea while I check emails and read up on news on the web. Sadly, it’s mostly stories of abuse and violence painted in harsh letters across my screen.

Psychologists say anger is a smoke screen for fear. So as I read these stories, I mull over the backstory of fear. Recently I read about a Muslim woman Nadiya Hussain, a chef, who has suffered abuse. What fears drive people to project their rage onto others?

It is not the outer Journey that we need to look at, but the one on the inside. Merely focusing on our lives in the external world encourages violent and abusive behavior when we don’t look or become Aware of our own Shadow.

Carl Jung introduced the concept of the Shadow to the western world in the early 20th century, the idea that we have issues and feelings that we prefer not to look. We relegate them to the Shadows of our lives. But when we do this, these Shadow issues fester. They can become unbearable, and so, people lash out at others and project their emotional angst onto others. This is played out in the life of Nadiya Hussain, and many others who are perceived as “Other” by folks.

When a person chooses to go on the inward Journey they must deal with their own stuff. It can be painful, but ultimately very rewarding. Why don’t these absuers look at Nadiya and ask in wonderment about her creative cooking? Rather than identify her as a Muslim, in their minds a threat to be feared.

When we go in towards our soul, to our spiritual self, we begin the Journey of embracing the whole Self. When we can achieve that, we can embrace whatever life throws at us in a good way.

Many years ago I wrote a poem called “Voices” Here is the first stanza:

There is a voice waiting to be heard
In each of us, there is a voice, waiting…
Quietly, and then sometimes not so.
Do I hear these words in me?
Can I look back and know that I have heard this sound?

When we hear the voice, deep within, it will calm our fears and lead us to a tranquil place. Are you ready to hear the voice within? It is wiser than the voice without.

The Middle Ground


It’s the Shadow time of year on the Wisdom Wheel calendar as our Leo friends celebrate their birthdays. One of the most famous living Leos is President Barack Obama who will turn 55 on August 4. Currently, he is living at the center of the Wheel of Life, under the Law of Balance as we all do, from ages 0-2, 27-29, 54-56, and 81-83.

Couldn’t we all benefit from more Balance right now? Do whatever you need to to get yours back, especially if you feel manipulated by those who exploit divide and conquer tactics during these Democratic and Republican conventions. It’s a relief to know the Balance Law is nudging the Commander in Chief at the moment but each of must work to help hold the center.

On social media, I’ve actively resisted being pushed into opposing camps. For the sake of Balance, I am seeking out and welcoming differing viewpoints. Otherwise, we end up in an echo chamber, only hearing what we like, and ignoring the reality of the rest.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have spoken enough about how to heal the riffs between their parties. Their conventions have further polarized voters. And no one can talk about improving things for the middle class in the US or other countries, without talking about enlarging the middle ground at the center.

Have you heard about how either party is going to level the playing field so 85% of the additional wealth being created in the US is going to be shared across the board in the future instead of going into the pockets of the 1%, like it has lately? Tax reform alone will not restore us to Balance, which is another word for fairness, justice and equality.

Hatred, acrimony and violence come from those who feel marginalized and excluded. How can we bring them back into the Process? If we abandon the center, and fail to build consensus and restore Balance, others will continue to employ the Shadow side of prejudice, ignorance and fear to take advantage of those who already feel vulnerable and in need of a savior.

Recognize the tactics and resist being pushed into warring camps. Polarization keeps us off Balance and unable to unify. This weakens everyone. Don’t fail to see how crucial the middle ground is.

The Light and the Shadow in Politics


I wasn’t sure what to write about, but it became clear when someone stated that Trump is shining a light on the Shadow of the Republican party.

We all carry a Shadow. Some project theirs onto others. These so-called “Others” are then denigrated and often shamed. I try to look at my own Shadow and understand why I might be grumpy, petulant, etc. Maybe Donald Trump should shine a spotlight on his own Shadow, too, while he’s at it.

Years ago, I commented on the differences between Native American culture and European capitalism. In the latter, arrogance, greed and lack of empathy increase as you move up the corporate ladder. In the former, empathy increases as you move up. The Elders often share everything with those who have little to call their own.

I hope I treat others with empathy and Compassion, even for Trump and his fellow presidential candidates. I make no endorsements here, but Bernie Sanders appears to be taking a higher road than most of his competitors.

We Americans should shine more light on the Shadows of our political system. We should demand campaign finance reform. If it were up to me, I would triple the salaries of elected officials and ban donations from special interest groups. Big business should no longer dictate what bills and laws our representatives craft and vote on.

The Higher Purpose of the government is to pursue the good of the people. The Right Action is to ensure that this indeed takes place. This Process creates a schism in the politician’s psyche, as he smiles in the light in public, but makes deals in darkened rooms, in the shadows.