On Great Mystery


I recently found the yellowed pages of a reading from 1985.

When I consulted Gustave, the clairvoyant astrologer, I was 31 and living in Paris. At that time, I was seeking a sense of direction. I was hoping Gustave would provide what I called back then “objective feedback from the universe”. I wanted someone to check my assumptions and tell me whether I was on the right course. 

Nowadays, I suppose people would go to a psychologist for the kind of guidance I craved but I was raised in a family that wouldn’t consider therapy. My father was an airplane pilot, always up in the sky, near the stars. You could say he came by astrology honestly. More than a mere hobby, my father never hired an employee before determining their natal chart. He never had to fire anyone either.
Why do we consult readers and fortune-tellers? We live in the most “modern” times in a society that has benefited from many scientific and technological revolutions, yet we continue to look to systems that are not science or logic-based.

Why did I choose a clairvoyant astrologer over a psychologist? I wanted a reading related to what is eternal: the universe, the seasons, the sun and lunar cycles. Gustave’s point-of-view and grand context helped me from falling prey to the idea that life is nothing but random chaos and then you die. Gustave’s context was what I now call Great Mystery.

He foretold that I would become a teacher of “perennial wisdom”. A mere 10 years later, I found myself being called by the medicine wheels and its natural traditions. The calling was so strong, too strong to ignore.