Swing Low Sweet Chariot


A former rugby player, I truly enjoy watching England play rivals this time of year. Watching England competing against Australia on YouTube was a treat. England won which, you can imagine, made me very happy. London’s fans have taken as their anthem Swing Low Sweet Chariot, a spiritual written by Wallis Willis, a negro slave of the Choctaw tribe, in the 1860s. The words evoke a deep sense of mourning and sadness, tinged with the glory of God.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
coming for to carry me home
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
coming for to carry me home

Hearing it from the Twickenham stadium brought a great sense of pride and a few tears welled up as I remembered my own rugby career. I thought of the changes in my life, what the song means to me now in light of the Wisdom Wheel.

What is my chariot and where is home? When I look at Journey on the southwest side of the Wheel between the Teachers and the Healers, I sense that home is in that deepest place of who we are. A man must embrace the goes-within-place of the west, the feminine, to reach Integrity in the north.

In the song, home is Heaven. For me, it is the deep inner place of the soul, where complete acceptance of Self is the ultimate acceptance of others. That is what I like to call Heaven on Earth. I do not have to die to get to heaven.

If you get there before I do
comin for to carry me home
Tell all of my friends that I’m a-comin’ too
I’m comin’ for to carry me home

How do I connect with others? Can I share the glory of the Journey around the Wisdom Wheel to home, where we’ve learned to Surrender to Enlightenment? No matter the struggle, no matter the Shadow that looms on my Journey I will continue…

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
coming for to carry me home.

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