Right Action, Higher Purpose and Facebook


How do we know what the “right thing” to do is?

On days when I feel I spent too much time on Facebook, I ask myself if that was Right Action. Then I remember how much I learn from your posts and others!

Higher Purpose balances Right Action. When I’m faced with decisions, I’ll ask myself, “Is there a Higher Purpose to this?”

This is not limited to big life choices. It’s a question I pose to myself daily, even when I make comments on Facebook. I like to consider what it’s contributing to. “Will my comment elevate this virtual conversation?” “Will it make my friend feel better?” or “Am I taking out my anger on someone else?” Although some people disparage Facebook and other social media platforms, I’ve found that being an active, mindful participant has opened my eyes to different subjects, viewpoints and options. That being said, I’m no angel and I do sometimes find myself just wasting time.

It helps me to remember that Facebook and other social media sites are curated by us. I follow people and organizations that empower and enlighten me and I avoid those that are purely commercial, negative or hateful. However, I do believe it’s valuable to be friends and follow people who disagree with me. I want to hear the other side of the argument, to be aware of what my fellow world citizens believe and care for. By having dialogues and discussions with others, we can make Facebook a place of understanding and connection, rather than isolation and anger. Right Action requires feedback loops! And social media offers us gigantic opportunities to share on-going, multi-level, multi-viewpoints learning exchanges with our fellow global citizens all over the world in a civilized, educational way.

This is new for us. We are the first generations living with the Internet and it’s up to us to determine the tenor and tone. I’m very grateful for the Internet and Facebook, in particular. It’s helped me reconnect with people I knew 50 years ago in Saudi Arabia. It’s also been invaluable with sharing the Wisdom Wheel. The Wisdom Wheel has introduced me to remarkable people and the Internet helps me get wisdom from you!

So if we aren’t friends yet, I’d love to connect with you, too. Find me here and make sure to follow The Wisdom Wheel, too.

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