Process and the Price of Wisdom


Can wisdom be bought? I could charge $1,000 for a Wisdom Wheel book or experience, but the guarantee of change afterwards depends entirely upon you.

On the one hand we say we want change. We see violence and we want something different — peace, civility, stability and security. But we’re constantly delaying the Process. There’s emails to send, dishes to wash, kids to pick up, etc, etc. Our modern, busy culture has conditioned us to follow political candidates or religious leaders who’ll do the heavy lifting for us while we’re trying to get through the work week.

The most unpopular among us tell the truth: that it is up to you to do the work. This will never make us financially rich, but it is immensely satisfying to be in the company of souls as they grow and evolve.

This week, we celebrated the vision quest fast of a Wisdom Wheel graduate. Her dedication is paying off in ways that money can’t buy. Deeply embedded pains, old traumas and the despair around changes she faces have left her.

When I put her out on her fast, I had to Trust that her Surrender of comforts, water, food, technologies would ‘work’. That Process is part of the Great Mystery. She was ready. The groundwork had been laid over 3 years. Every day, she said her prayers, did her work, ran her household, and journaled about the monthly Law in our study group. Receiving our daily emails on her 1,000 Day Journey and hosting our monthly study circles helped the Process, too.

Devotion. Dedication. Reverence. What are these things worth? Community. Ceremony. Ritual. We need to make space for these things in our lives in order to anchor the changes in our day-to-day. This is how to bless yourself with the wisdom beyond your ken.

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