Preparing for Winter


Although we are still in the warm embrace of summer, the icy claws of winter are beckoning. Like the ants in Aesop’s fable, I spend an hour a day preparing for the upcoming season by cutting, splitting and stacking wood.

There’s an old truism that says “When you provide your own fuel, such as wood, it heats you twice.” When I look at the steps in the Process of preparing the firewood, I recognize that it heats me up many times. The Process requires me to:

– Cut the large trunks into about 18’ lengths.
– Use the green hand cart to move the logs to the splitter.
– Unload and split as required.
– Transfer the split logs to woodshed and stack with the wheelbarrow.
– Carry logs into the house as required.
– Feel the heat from the woodstove.


That’s 6 distinct activities that expend my energy during the Process, and, especially now in the height of summer, do I get hot!

It feels good. Although my body tires, my heart and arteries are no doubt thankful for the workout. Also, the physical exercise provides a good Balance to the more sedentary lifestyle that requires me to be in front of a computer every day. And, not only is it good exercise, it’s also cathartic for me. It puts me in Right Relationship with nature.

Sometimes, when I split a log, I’ll discover a seething mass of ants rushing around. Are they in the Process of preparing for winter, too, like me?

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