More than Money


Awhile ago, I gave a TED talk in Providence entitled “More than Money”. In it, I mention that financial transactions must be about more than money. Financial transactions should include the interests of all parties. In the Giving and Receiving, all must feel Trust and Integrity are part of the Process.

I think people are motivated by two urges: greed and fear. I’m motivated by the greed for knowledge and truth, but I’m also driven by a greed for appreciation and respect. These were two things I never received as a child, so as I grew up I sought it from others.

This all came flooding back to me recently as I read the Wells Fargo scandal. Unfortunately, the president and senior management have not been held accountable. Apparently, their staff and customers are merely their tools to attain the profits they were greedy for. I would like to sit circle around the Wisdom Wheel with Wells Fargo’s president, but I doubt he’d sit with me.

When we treat people with respect and dignity, I believe both parties can enjoy sustainable profits over the long term. Where Trust and Right Relationship are paramount, it may not satisfy Wall Street, but it will bring real connections among people on all sides. This is something that money can never buy.

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