I’m still settling into my new IT job at the school. The other day, someone from the administrative staff came up to me and said, “My Printer doesn’t connect to the wireless anymore. Can you fix it?” It may sound easy in principle, but it’s a harder problem to solve in reality.

As systems become more connected, they also inherently become more complex. Thus, the likelihood of problems greatly increase. Unfortunately, many designers fail to take into account who will use their product and how.

I often weigh the Law of Right Relationship. This law is part of the inner circle stones, and I think it’s one of the most important laws, whether we’re dealing with people, objects, or problems. We must break down complexity to a point where we are in Right Relationship with the information in front of us.

When trouble-shooting I strive to be Eternally Present to the data I encounter. Armed with technical know-how and optimism, I gather information.

In this case, the printer was an HP. What model? What version of software was it running? What about the wireless signal? What type of encryption was being used? As you can see, there was a lot of information to gather, verify and test.

When I attempted to connect the printer…it failed. “Printer failed to connect to Wireless network”. That is all, nothing more, no details. I continued to trouble-shoot and after 10 hours we identified the problem: the wrong version of software in a module of the wireless provider.

There are other issues to deal with, but this one illustrates how challenging technology can be today. A degree in electrical engineering is a qualification for this job, but I think more in terms of skills like “paying attention” and “perseverance”. The Law of Integrity provides a good base and the Law of Commitment is a powerful reminder that once you begin to fix a problem, your goal (Higher Purpose) must be reached no matter what. In my case I will fix the problem, resolve the issue. I will do whatever it takes.

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