Integrity and the Pyramids of Egypt


Recently I read a trending article about an anti-Trump Republican, attacked at a Trump rally in Nevada. Some members of Trump’s audience kicked, punched and choked him.

Trump was rushed from the stage for protection. This is in sharp contrast to similar situation when someone heckled President Obama. The President defended his heckler’s right to free speech and castigated the crowd for booing him.

It has been stated, “To know someone look at their friends”. To know a candidate, look at their supporters. I think on Tuesday the battlegrounds will be drawn not by Democrat and Republican but rather more by Bravery and Fear, or Connection and Separation.

Integrity is on the north side of the Wisdom Wheel. Its Balancer is Trust in the South. Hillary Clinton may be a flawed individual but I believe her vision and intent is to bring the country together.

When I consider a pyramid, I think of a solid core, a robust shape, one very difficult to overturn. They remind me of people with Integrity, who are not necessarily people, but who can acknowledge their feelings and uncertainties. They try to embrace the truth and can be trusted. These are the brave ones.

Alternatively, flip the pyramid upside down and you get instability and fear. This represents all of the things I observe in Trump supporters. Why fear difference? Because it threatens my uncertain perspective on life.

For our Sweat Lodge ceremonies each month, we build a pyramid of stones for the fire. No matter how many times I’ve done it I remember the power of the pyramid.

The Egyptian four-sided pyramid has five sides, if you include with the base. For me that represents the Balance center stone and the four cornerstones, Right Action, Trust, Higher Purpose and Integrity. Embracing all four quadrants helps me to feel robust like the pyramid. In this way I can accept difference and maybe even embrace it.

Being open is a quality of Integrity, real integrity. In those pyramids of Egypt there are secret tunnels where various Pharaohs were buried. Like my fears buried away deep inside am I ready to find them and bring them into the light like the discovery of Tutankhamun in 1922.

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