In or Out?


Like many people, I wake up and sip my morning tea while I check emails and read up on news on the web. Sadly, it’s mostly stories of abuse and violence painted in harsh letters across my screen.

Psychologists say anger is a smoke screen for fear. So as I read these stories, I mull over the backstory of fear. Recently I read about a Muslim woman Nadiya Hussain, a chef, who has suffered abuse. What fears drive people to project their rage onto others?

It is not the outer Journey that we need to look at, but the one on the inside. Merely focusing on our lives in the external world encourages violent and abusive behavior when we don’t look or become Aware of our own Shadow.

Carl Jung introduced the concept of the Shadow to the western world in the early 20th century, the idea that we have issues and feelings that we prefer not to look. We relegate them to the Shadows of our lives. But when we do this, these Shadow issues fester. They can become unbearable, and so, people lash out at others and project their emotional angst onto others. This is played out in the life of Nadiya Hussain, and many others who are perceived as “Other” by folks.

When a person chooses to go on the inward Journey they must deal with their own stuff. It can be painful, but ultimately very rewarding. Why don’t these absuers look at Nadiya and ask in wonderment about her creative cooking? Rather than identify her as a Muslim, in their minds a threat to be feared.

When we go in towards our soul, to our spiritual self, we begin the Journey of embracing the whole Self. When we can achieve that, we can embrace whatever life throws at us in a good way.

Many years ago I wrote a poem called “Voices” Here is the first stanza:

There is a voice waiting to be heard
In each of us, there is a voice, waiting…
Quietly, and then sometimes not so.
Do I hear these words in me?
Can I look back and know that I have heard this sound?

When we hear the voice, deep within, it will calm our fears and lead us to a tranquil place. Are you ready to hear the voice within? It is wiser than the voice without.

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