Going Home


This morning, I was reading an article online and needed to get back to the Home page. To start fresh, so to speak. I easily found the “Home” symbol I was looking for.

It was a reassuring, simple friend in our complex world. In fact, I felt a hint of relief when I saw the symbol. It brought me a sense of Balance and calmness.

I believe that people who lack a Higher Purpose or sense of Right Action burn up, because their inner turbulence consumes them. As a member of the Wisdom Wheel community, I feel energized. During my work assignments abroad, I work long days yet I rarely feel tired. I attribute this partly to the Wheel. Being able to map my unfolding life on the Wheel helps me. I can recognize the Shadow when I see it, I am able to call upon my Creativity (the mental, emotional and spiritual kinds). I never feel lonely as I carry my Home with me, wherever I go.

Going home, for me, is going back to the center. Understanding Cause and Effect, Giving and Receiving, and Trusting in the Journey. I have Faith that things will work out. As a child going home was not necessarily a pleasant experience. Going home now, anywhere, always results in serenity.

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