Chopsticks Across the Ocean


I experienced mixed emotions this week. I was happy to be with friends visiting from China, then sad, to see them leave. While they were here, we shared wonderful stories and great meals. Our dinners were joyful although sometimes the only sound was the clacking of chopsticks and chewing.

However, I was pulled out of these warm memories by the news of a young Chinese Frenchman, beaten to death in France.

Recently, I mentioned I believe that people are good. Am I wrong or naïve? What is it that propels young men to beat up and kill someone different from them?

In my momentary grief I swore at those men and called them cowards. But that makes me as guilty as them, in a way. It’s the easy way out, but it takes Courage on both sides to Forgive and learn why such behavior exists. Often, I feel that people just want to be heard.

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