Bernie Sanders on the Wisdom Wheel

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Today I’m rounding out a series of posts in which we put the 2016 presidential candidates on the Wisdom Wheel. Full disclosure: I’m registered as an independent. These portraits do not endorse any particular candidate. Instead, I want to see and share what the Wheel has to say.

Who are these politicians? What are their strengths? Weaknesses? What universal, human challenges can they expect in the upcoming years? A person’s Birth Law and their current position on the Wheel can shed light on these questions.

Nine months ago, when I wrote my first blog post about presidential candidates, I never imagined Donald Trump would trounce 15 other Republicans to become the presumptive GOP candidate. I’m still shaking my head over that outcome and I’m not the only one. This Cycle has taught me to expect the unexpected. Will we see a third party or independent candidate emerge? Who knows.

What if Bernie Sanders ran as an independent? He’s the longest serving independent in US congressional history. Born on September 8, Bernie’s Birth Law is Journey, like all other Virgos. This Law is situated in the southwest quadrant, between the domain of Teachers and Healers. So if Bernie lives to his highest potential, his Journey should both teach us and heal us. This Law is also positioned between Higher Purpose and Trust. Arguably, he is the most Trust-worthy candidate, staying true to his “socialist” stump speech throughout his political tenure. Old videos prove his consistency to his beliefs. Bernie getting arrested when protesting on behalf of civil rights. Clips of Bernie explaining why he refused to vote for the war in Iraq. This has been his lifelong Journey.

Bernie’s Journey and his politics are recognizable and resonate with more people now than ever. He’s for universal health care, ending corporate welfare, addressing income inequality by raising minimum wage, reforming campaign finance rules, offering parental leave, and protecting LGBTQ rights.

Surrender balances Journey. This means Surrender is his challenge. In Bernie’s case, we’re seeing this play out in his supporters who chant “Bernie or Bust”. Some believe the time is nigh for Bernie to surrender his presidential bid. Is it too early to Surrender? Too late? Who or what is the most noble cause or person to Surrender to? These are all important Surrender questions and it will be interesting to see how Bernie addresses them.

When he turns 75 this September, Bernie will live under the Law of Cycles on the spirit side of the Wheel. Fitting that he is now part of a moment where the flaws in our (political) Cycles are being exposed. Maybe it’s time for a radical re-write of the American political establishment. This is the message many voters are clamoring for on both sides of the party spectrum.

As citizens, it’s important to remember that we have a stake. With our ballots, we make our Choice.

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