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This Sunday, I went to work to address some behind-the-scenes computer issues. I don’t think anyone is aware of these particular issues, but as users they recognize whether a system works, or doesn’t.

As I started up my computer, I heard signs of life in the building, so I went to investigate. Turns out, it was the cook. He explained to me that he comes in most Sundays to take care of things and prepare for the week. Again, all folks know is that delicious food is served everyday, they don’t always realize the preparation and the people behind it.

As our world becomes more complex, fewer of us understand the Process by which things get done. Whether it’s the networks and systems at the school I work, or the restaurant kitchen, so much is hidden behind the scenes. The Law of Cause and Effect asks us to understand Process and how it relates to all things.

The cook told me that 80% of what he does is never seen by his customers. He cares and I care so we do all this invisible work to ensure that the food tastes good and the computers operate as expected. My heroes don’t reside in DC or Wall Street, they live in the quiet places, behind the scenes, taking care of business without fanfare, because they Love what they do and they care for the task intrinsically.

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago saluting those folks who work behind the scenes.

There are no heroes
just quiet men of confidence
who drink from the deep water of the soul
held in a well of trust
tainted not by hubris intent
but scented by the shared experience
the sweat of hard work and perseverance.
Yes, heroes step forth in the heat of battle
but it is in those moments of tranquility
when peace reigns, quiet times
it is then that the foundations are fixed
so when the fight begins
uncertainty, indecision, ignorance
these are the foes to be vanquished
and so they are by the pride, the camaraderie
esprit de corps wins the day
team work and relationships are the victors here.
It is this group, buoyed up as one
they are the heroes
in the innumerable battles
we face each day.

Malcolm Davidson, October 22, 2013.

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