All Man is Evil


The other morning while at work at school, I saw a quote pinned to the wall that read, “All man is evil”.

I asked the teacher if it referred to men or humankind. She informed me that it was a quote from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. I remember reading the book and seeing the movie as a teenager.

Right now, I am tired of the negative aspects of men in the media. I do not believe that man is evil.

As a poet, I like to play with words and I’ve been toying with the word “Mothering” recently. If we do not accept our Self, the Me in Mothering, we end up removing the “M” and end up with “Othering”: the process of seeing others as separate and apart from ourselves and our tribe. There is a lot of othering going on right now.

When I sit circle around the Wisdom Wheel, I often focus on the South quadrant. As we pass the Law of Eternal Present moving through Trust we eventually must to look at our Shadow. It seems there are many people who cannot be present for it increases the likelihood that Shadow issues will come up. It takes Courage to be able to be present to our own Shadow.

Men and Women, Mankind, Womankind, Humankind are inherently good. Surely we are all a mixture of good and bad. Learning the Wisdom Wheel has enabled me to become a better human being. I am more accepting of what is, rather than spending my time wishing for things that didn’t exist.

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