Who is the Self?


Do you have a good sense of yourself? Are you surprised by the impressions others have of you?

The Self is on the rise in our current culture and society, from selfies to selfishness to selflessness. Although many of us enjoy talking about ourselves, few of us do the hard work to know ourselves. I’m personally guilty of this. For a long time, I preferred to gallivant around the globe than to travel inward. Global Awareness is a piece of cake compared to Inner Awakening.

Here's a younger version of my Self

Here’s a younger version of my Self

Who is the person staring back at you in the mirror? Have you ever meditated on your own reflection in the mirror for an extended amount of time? Try it. Did your own face begin to seem foreign? After awhile, does the thought strike: who the hell is that?!

Earlier this month, I had to whip out a short bio sketch. Two sentences. That’s all. If that seems easy, try it. Take a moment to do it right now: write two Self descriptive sentences that sum up who you are and please add it to the Comments below.

Here’s mine: A born mystic, Cynthia was raised in Saudi Arabia and there, at an early age, she began taking Divine Dictation (in the form of poems). Her decades of expatriate experiences on multiple continents and cultures led to careers in journalism, global management development and helped her develop the Wisdom Wheel, which focuses on the inner journey of spiritual development.

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