The Yellow School Bus


A Chinese professor and his 6-year old son are currently living with us. Every weekday at 8AM, the bright yellow school bus arrives at the end of our driveway.

When the bus pulls up, the monitor shepherds the little boy onto the bus, after he says goodbye to his father. Then she performs a safety check. She carries out this task with patience and grace every day. A wise Process that has no doubt saved many lives over the years…

The Wisdom Wheel can be our school bus, leading us to and from lessons in life. Let’s say there are 36 seats on the bus, each a Law to review on the way to our next appointment.

As youngsters we sit in the seats of Trust, Love, Creativity and Eternal Present, laughing, playing and learning. Onwards to teen years, we feel maybe more comfortable with Higher Purpose, Right Action, Initiation and Choices. Older and older still, into old age… A bus of seniors who have embraced the Law of Integrity, after a lifetime of experiences. They sit in the place of Compassion, Purification, Surrender and Enlightenment.

One day (or rather, on more than one day) the bus will take us to the school of hard knocks. The Wisdom Wheel is a tool we can use on those occasions, when we need it most, to overcome challenges and learn from them. A few more rides on the yellow school bus, and we’ll be experts, sitting where we want. We will be ready for the lesson, no matter where or when it appears.

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