The Light and the Shadow in Politics


I wasn’t sure what to write about, but it became clear when someone stated that Trump is shining a light on the Shadow of the Republican party.

We all carry a Shadow. Some project theirs onto others. These so-called “Others” are then denigrated and often shamed. I try to look at my own Shadow and understand why I might be grumpy, petulant, etc. Maybe Donald Trump should shine a spotlight on his own Shadow, too, while he’s at it.

Years ago, I commented on the differences between Native American culture and European capitalism. In the latter, arrogance, greed and lack of empathy increase as you move up the corporate ladder. In the former, empathy increases as you move up. The Elders often share everything with those who have little to call their own.

I hope I treat others with empathy and Compassion, even for Trump and his fellow presidential candidates. I make no endorsements here, but Bernie Sanders appears to be taking a higher road than most of his competitors.

We Americans should shine more light on the Shadows of our political system. We should demand campaign finance reform. If it were up to me, I would triple the salaries of elected officials and ban donations from special interest groups. Big business should no longer dictate what bills and laws our representatives craft and vote on.

The Higher Purpose of the government is to pursue the good of the people. The Right Action is to ensure that this indeed takes place. This Process creates a schism in the politician’s psyche, as he smiles in the light in public, but makes deals in darkened rooms, in the shadows.

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