The Law of Balance in Life and on the Playground


I have been experiencing just the slightest dizziness. I’m not even sure I could call it that. My perception of the world around me seems off kilter, as opposed to a spinning or tipping feeling. Is this a sign of a life in need of Balance?

Every time I sit on the ground and lay out my stones I am balancing and re-calibrating. To begin the act of laying out the stones, a level of balance must be achieved. It must be quiet, I must be uninterrupted, I cannot attend to the needs of anyone else (my scale usually tips in favor of meeting the needs of others).

Perhaps Giving & Receiving is the law most vividly representing the seesaw of Balance in my life. Looking at and listening to the word “seesaw” I find some juxtaposing concepts between past and present, which also require balancing.

The seesaw is a strange thing. It generally requires the assistance of a grownup for two children to begin. What a delight though, when the motion begins! How satisfying when the two sides are balanced so well that each child hovers in the air at the same level. How funny when one’s bottom is so firmly on the ground, clumsy bounces unable to generate the upward momentum.

Come to think of it, the playground is full of metaphors for life. I’m sure a Law could apply to each feature. What would the merry-go-round be, other than a wheel itself? I see the Balance of physics all over the playground, primarily because children love shaking up Balance, tipping the scale, playing with Cause & Effect.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to throw things out of balance. Revving up or tranquilizing water molecules can disrupt balance into a changed state for cooking, adding moisture to a dry room, creating ice, and so on. Yet Balance flows through nature’s water Cycle giving each molecule its chance to experience each state. I’m sure this applies to humans as well.

I went to Catholic Church only for a few years as a child, but I often hear in my mind “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again”. I don’t even remember what proceeds or follows it during mass, but I believe in the truth of that statement when removed from its context.

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