Flint Water Crisis through the Wisdom Wheel


Michigan politicians have been apologizing over their decisions on water sources, after corrosive chemicals in the Flint River enabled lead to leach into drinking water. Now the lead content is far higher than levels mandated by federal regulations. Many are sick, most of them children.

If we look at this horrific situation through the lens of the Wisdom Wheel, we can see the process was fraught with problems. The Higher Purpose of Flint’s Water Authority was to provide clean and safe drinking water to the city. Do these officials have Integrity? How can the population of Flint ever Trust them again? When officials place fiscal considerations above societal ones, the people — their constituents — become the victims.

Sadly this scenario plays out in communities across the US where jobs are sent abroad, local government functions are privatized, and decisions that benefit the few are made at the expense of many. If more government officials lived by the Laws of the Wisdom Wheel I’m confident wiser choices would result.