Return of the Fireflies


Last night, I spotted my first firefly of the season.

At first, I thought my eyes were fooling me. You know: you see something, you look again and it’s not there. So I trained my sights on the window, to the spot where I glimpsed it, and, just when I was about to give up, its glow came into view. It was no mirage. The firefly was back, like other things that wax and wane in our lives. This was a reminder I needed.

After the second sighting, it was easier to find, because I ‘knew’ it was there. All of us have had this experience, in some form or another.

I mentioned the firefly to my friend. When she tried to look, no luck. Soon she gave up and turned back to me to continue our conversation. We were catching up on the past 6 months since we last saw each other.

“There it is again!” I interrupted, hoping she’d catch a glimpse while the insect glowed. This time she did.

My friend told me that fireflies usually emerge around this time of year. She remembers this because it coincides with a surgery she underwent some time ago. “I saw them after surviving my surgery, so fireflies are a sign to me,” she shared.

When my friend was born, she was starved for oxygen and her heart was malformed. She’s survived multiple open-heart surgeries and beat the life expectancies numerous doctors assigned her. Born under the Law of the Journey, her life has certainly been full of challenges. Even she’s sometimes surprised to still be here! I’m grateful to have her in my life and call her a friend.

Now the fireflies have new meaning for me. They’ve helped me learn more about the Law of Eternal Present and Cycles. Phases and seasons wax and wane but the mere fact that Cycles persist is an example of Eternal Present. This season belongs to the fireflies and the Wisdom Wheel is a flickering calendar of stones, glowing with meaning, for those of us who’ve seen it, and believe.

Some Thoughts on Combating Stereotypes


I’m writing from London, en route to India for a job. As a native Englishman, it’s great to be back and I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of the capital. London is more cosmopolitan than I remembered. While walking the Strand yesterday, I encountered a half dozen languages and even more accents.

As part of my job, I had to undergo a medical exam. The doctor’s assistant, I discovered, was Syrian. We struck up a conversation and he told me about the struggles facing his family back in Syria.

It’s simple to think of Syria, Iraq, Russia, Scandinavia, China in black-and-white terms if we aren’t from those places. We tend to overlook the details, the grey areas. In an ego-driven world, we often stereotype or lump people together. It’s lazy and it ignores the realities of our subconscious fears. In the US, for instance, some liberal-minded folk broadly disparage conservatives and Republicans, while some on the right generally discount Democrats. Many men judge women for their looks, while some women assume men are brutes.

When we consider Right Relationship, we need to Surrender. We must be open and Compassionate. Lumpiness is Lazy. In order to avoid lumping, stereotyping or generalizing about groups we do not belong to, strive to Eternally Present to the individual in front of you.

With the Wisdom Wheel, I can focus on each individual I encounter and move past the labels that initially strike me and get to know the unique person within. When I approach strangers with this consciousness, I often find it is returned. It’s a humble one-on-one shift for the better, but I think it’s a start toward making a worldwide difference for the better.

An Experience with Eternal Present


I recently met a young woman with a philosophy degree. It was her first time sitting at the Wisdom Wheel circle, and the Law of Eternal Present caught her attention.

The Law of Eternal Present has grown more meaningful to me this year because I am living under it for the third time (at ages 9, 34, 61 and 88 we carry the Eternal Present Law).

I put that stone in her hand. Then I picked up the rock across from it: Choices. Choices is her Birth Law. Of all 36 Laws, she focused on the one that balances it! We discussed the pairing of Choices and Eternal Present. I agree with her, staying in the moment helps me make better Choices.

In addition to learning about Laws and their Balancers, we can explore the 4 directions. In the East, we concentrate on the meaning of a Universal Law with our logical minds. In the South, we turn to emotional aspects. Over in the Western quadrant, we consider the physical matters, while spiritual issues are forefront in the North.

At 22 years old, this young woman is living under the Sacred Oneness Law for the first time. This Law belongs in the North, where things of the spirit take precedence. She easily grasped this notion of how the Wheel describes our life Journey and, she helped me regain my sense of being in the moment with someone in the younger generation who ‘gets’ it.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump on the Wisdom Wheel

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We’re launching a new series of posts, in which we put the 2016 presidential candidates on the Wisdom Wheel. Full disclosure: I’m registered as an independent. These portraits do not endorse any particular candidate. Instead, I want to see and share what the Wheel has to say.

Who are these politicians? What are their strengths? Weaknesses? What universal, human challenges can they expect in the upcoming years? A person’s Birth Law and their current position on the Wheel can shed light on these questions.

Born June 14, Donald Trump’s Birth Law is Eternal Present. An Air sign, he has a gift for using his breath to spread news and encourage trends. “You’re fired!” How could we forget his catchphrase on the successful The Apprentice television series?

At their best, these folks are breaths of fresh air. Trump embodies this, speaking his mind, telling it like it is. Political correctness be damned. No wonder many find this refreshing in a presidential candidate.

But flightiness and broken promises can be the downfall of these folks. Three wives and four bankruptcy filings so far… these are some of the promises Trump has failed to keep.

At 69, he currently lives under the Law of Pure Potential. Does his potential measure up to the job of President of the United States of America? Many doubt he has what it takes to be president. Next year, he’ll live under the Law of Power (we all do at age 70 as we pass through the Wheel of Life).

From the ages of 69-71, we’re also transiting the Western quadrant of Wheel. Here inner work and healing take priority. Deep internal development rarely transpires in front of cameras on the campaign trail. In the Western quadrant, our sense of Higher Purpose also takes center stage (we pass through the West at ages 15-17 and again at 42-44 — other times we grapple with Higher Purpose). Trump declares his Higher Purpose is to “make America great again” — his campaign slogan. This relates to healing, but perhaps Trump should focus on his own healing rather than the nation’s. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics, American male life expectancy is 76.4 years. Trump may live longer and do better by being more humble and less combative during these next 3 years. After facing his demons in the West, he’d make a better leader.

President or not, over the next 10 years the Wheel indicates his spiritual life should take precedence. If we’re lucky to live long enough, spirituality becomes our focal point at ages 72-80.

What are your thoughts on Trump, the Law of Eternal Present and the Western quadrant? We invite you to join the discussion below!