So Many Perspectives


During childhood visits to my grandmother’s house, I was fascinated by her dresser and its three mirrors.

I’d align the two outer mirrors across from each other, then peer into one to behold an infinite number of images repeating on and on, seemingly forever. At that young age, I didn’t know how mirrors create and guide laser beams, but I’d learn that lesson later during my engineering studies.

We can align the Wisdom Wheel to our Journey through life, too. When we look at the Laws or values, what do we see? An infinite number of possibilities honed down to a few key principles. There are 36 Laws on the Wheel and we can look at each Law through the prism of the Wisdom Wheel itself.

For example, looking at the Integrity stone, I ask myself: “Am I in Right Relationship with Integrity?”– basically, do my actions follow my words? I know it’s easier to talk about Integrity than embody it.

Or I gaze at the Law of the Self and try to see it through the Law of Compassion. “Do I have Compassion for myself? How do I Balance my Self Compassion in Right Relationships?”

Of course, it’s much easier to go through the motion of the principles of the Wisdom Wheel than practice them. Embracing the Shadow, or Journeying to a place of Forgiveness for Self and others are no simple tasks. It’s difficult to personify all the Laws, all the time.

We’re all works in progress. I will continue to grow with the guidance of the Wisdom Wheel, becoming more than mirrors reflecting into eternity. Ready for whatever comes next.

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