Ski Jumping


My wife is at a women’s memoir writing conference in Austin, Texas. She’s in her element, this is Right Relationship in action, or more accurately, “Write Relationship”.

Meanwhile, solo in Rhode Island, I shared a poem entitled “Ski Jumping” at a poetry reading. To me, “Ski Jumping” is a metaphor for taking the plunge and/or doing something out of the ordinary. When I let go, I travel into the unknown, I hurtle down the slope into the air, toward an uncertain future and I hope to land well.

As I navigate life’s ski jumps, it’s good to have the Wisdom Wheel as my companion. I check in with it. Am I in Balance? Is this Process likely to yield a good outcome? What are the Cause & Effect considerations I need to think about? If I plan well and remain present I’m confident that my Faith will be rewarded and I will “land well”, so to speak.

Working with the Wisdom Wheel as my guide these past 15 years has helped me evolve into a more well-rounded person. I have embraced and integrated the so-called right and left hemispheres of my mind. I wonder what my brain would look like under analysis of a MRI? Would it reflect the Balance I feel?

So many questions, as I whoosh down life’s slopes. I wonder what this day will bring us. Here is the poem:

Ski Jumping

Leaning forward, body parallel to the skis
arms neatly by the side
hands pressed in tight; flat
down the slope he goes into the unknown

flying free

for a few moments
landing as far as he can
then arms aloft in triumph.

How do you begin such a journey?

Armchair bound we are
never to speed down the icy slope
eyes and goggles peering down and down
ready to fly, see the sky.

Yet in a moment we can be there
down the slope in our minds
unburdened from reality
no years of practice or skis to heft
no chance of failure.

We can fly on the ski slope of the mind
an adventure of the imagination
synapses firing neurons glowing
and so let it be with death and life

down the slope jumping, arms aloft

into tomorrow, into the unknown
alone, down the slope, jumping.

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