On Spirituality and Politics


Who will you vote for in the upcoming elections? Better yet, how are you going to make up your mind?

To be honest, I’m undecided. But the Wisdom Wheel is helping me define the issues I care about and determine the qualities I want in a president. For instance, Integrity, Trust, Higher Purpose and Right Action — are these Laws reflected in the candidates?

I want more Balance in the United States. I’d like to see fewer tax dollars going to the defense and military and more to infrastructure, health and education. Let’s combat the growing income gap. I want corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, I want offshore loopholes  and astronomical campaign contributions ended. Let’s have affordable college tuition and a single payer health care system. Who in this field of candidates can deliver these solutions?

The stock markets are tumbling, the bottom is falling out of the oil industry and everyday more Syrians flee from Putin bombs, adding to the 12 million refugees. Where are the peacemakers, the statesmen, the diplomats, the visionaries? Instead we hear smarmy comments, adolescent schoolkid ire, and pandering to the right and left.

I thought it strange that few candidates spoke about the Bundys’ occupation of federal land in Oregon. President Obama dealt with it with minimal bloodshed. I struggle to imagine any of the 2016 presidential candidates handling this challenge or any others I mentioned well.

Some people believe those of us who work in spirituality should avoid politics. I certainly agree with the separation of church and state. The Wisdom Wheel is not a political tool, but it can be a lens to analyze political candidates and issues. I’d love to hear how you’re judging the presidential hopefuls.

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