On Puzzles and the Universal Laws


As a child, I loved puzzles. My grandmother had several jigsaw puzzles and I bought more at secondhand shops. Recently I’ve begun working on them again.

Here's the latest puzzle I've completed

Here’s the latest puzzle I’ve completed

Look closely at the top right corner and you’ll see a missing piece. I searched high and low, under the desk, behind the curtain, in the cupboard, but never found it.

The missing piece

The missing piece

Where are empty spaces in the jigsaw puzzle that is life? For that matter, do we even have a picture or vision of our “completed puzzle” as our lives unfold and we gather experiences? To me it seems, without a map or a clear image, we’re assembling this puzzle  in the dark.

The Wisdom Wheel can be a puzzle for each of us. With its 36 pieces, you can create your own vision for your life. For example, where do we place the Balance piece? What of Right Relationship and the Law of Love? We can move the pieces around to suit: where shall I place my Compassion today?

Through study of the Wisdom Wheel and sitting circle with friends, we can create a jigsaw puzzle, full of color and vibrancy, that reflects our lives or the lives we want to lead.

One thought on “On Puzzles and the Universal Laws

  1. Nice! Rowen has a tiny square puzzle/brain teaser that is quite challenging to solve but can be solved in many different ways. It’s fun seeing how different people approach it. Will have to bring it to you to try!

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