Life Lessons Over 18 Holes


My young Japanese friend Rintaro is golf-obsessed. So I recently took him, and myself, for a golf lesson.

There are about 7 golf courses within a 20-minute drive of my house – no lie! In the past, I played golf one or twice a year. Now I’m hitting the green at least twice a month.

Our instructor Isaac first watched me swing the club. He immediately identified a key problem with my technique. I followed his directive and soon, I was hitting the ball much better.

Isaac understands the Process of the golf swing and he helped me figured out how to be in Right Relationship with the club and the ball. He sees the Cause and Effect as I prepared to hit the ball.

The following day, I played a round of golf with Rintaro and his father. It was the best game of my life!

If only it were that simple in life! I need to practice more, but I have confidence that I will improve, even at my age.

When we Journey not the golf course, but the path of our life, the Wisdom Wheel can give us pointers like Isaac did, so we can succeed and feel that we have accomplished much.

The Wisdom Wheel laws can each play their part as we journey towards old age, giving us life lessons along the way. A golf course has 18 holes. Life has 81 years (or more) if we are lucky. The Wheel can be with us each day, of each year, helping us score well, in our jobs, with our families and friends, and with ourselves.

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