How Do We Make Positive Change?


It’s been a tough week in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando. How can we begin to change the behavior of those who believe that violence is the answer?

Some say change is the most difficult challenge for people. Could the Wisdom Wheel help change the way many angry young men feel? They seem alienated and alone. Rather than projecting their anger on others in the form of violence, better to go inward. On the Wisdom Wheel, this “go within” place is something like the “dark night of the soul”, like Jesus’s Gethsemane. It’s associated with the body, and also, feminine energy. It’s no coincidence that is also where the Law of Compassion resides, right alongside the Law of Power. As we all know too well, Power without Compassion can be dangerous.

I hope one day that we can invite those who are disenfranchised, angry, and without direction to sit circle with us and be heard. What if we handed them the talking stick and quietly listened to their stories? I believe, fervently, with all my heart, that when we become the Sacred Listener, we join the Sacred Oneness that makes a difference and helps people (and us!) change.

Violence only adds fuel to the fire of mayhem and fear. Let’s look inward to transform our anger into a productive force for positive change. Let’s summon our Compassion. Let us listen to one another. Let’s use our “arms” to hold, to Love instead of kill or maim.

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