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Good Enough


Last Friday we went down to the beach for fish and chips. When I reviewed the photos I took, I noticed Rachel’s T-shirt. How powerful its message is.

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“You are enough”. Many years ago, I wrote a poem “Good is not enough”. We struggle hard to win affection… by doing, performing, trying to please. The principles of the Wisdom Wheel enable us to have Right Relationship with the Self. Essentially that relationship is summarized in that statement: We are enough. We should remind each other of this more often.

Is feeling Good Enough a prerequisite for happiness? I believe so. Life is a juggling act and who knows what’s right, but the Wisdom Wheel gives me the tools to figure it all out. It instructs me to seek my Higher Purpose, plan Right Action, and fulfill it with Integrity.

2016-05-27 19.32.28

Rachel and Tom played in the sea. They laughed and swam in the cool waters, not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. They were good enough, and so was the ocean, just as it was.

I didn’t join Tom and Rachel in the water as it was too cold for me. Am I becoming too much the Observer as I head into old age? When it warms up, I’ll get in there and swim and float.

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