Getting Grounded


When I was a kid, getting grounded was punishment. My parents would forbid me to go outside or see my friends, in order to teach me a lesson over something I’d done wrong.

However, as I’ve aged, “getting grounded” has taken on new meaning. Now I envision being rooted, possessing a true foundation and with it, a feeling of security, no matter what life throws at me.

Working with the Wisdom Wheel is one way to get grounded so that the changes swirling around don’t knock us over.

Incorporating changes requires a robust framework, which the Wisdom Wheel offers. And before we can integrate new things into our world, we need a sense of solidness and substance. This Balance emerges from doing the deep inner work of alignment with All That Is, dare I say: The Universe.

There will always be things far greater than our small, fleeting selves. Accepting this is the beginning of wisdom. And then comes the work of orienting ourselves to what is out there!

The order in the Universe is a marvel to behold. Knowing that the patterns of the starry constellations mirror the synapses in my tiny brain gives me an odd confidence. I take it as a sign that I do belong in this world.

In the 20 years since I began studying the Wisdom Wheel, my capacity to appreciate and “go with the flow” has grown in leaps and bounds.

This week as I sat with a new student, I realized again how powerful it is to have a map of the Universe. How did I navigate changes and decision-making before the Wisdom Wheel? As we laid out the stones she’d collected from the beach, we sensed a groundedness at the level of existence.

Sheila organizing her set

Sheila organizing her set

We organized the 36 stones, starting with the center rock that will always represent Balance. The large yellow stone will be placed in the East, the red one in the South, the black one in the West, the white one in the North. Everytime we sit sit circle and lay out the Wisdom Wheel, we’re recreating the Order in the Universe. Invoking and honoring what we are all part of is the beginning of learning to cooperate with All That Is.

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