Capitalism, Socialism and the NFL


Who’s scared of socialism? Who’s scared of capitalism? Some recent surveys actually show that many young people are disillusioned by capitalism.

Capitalism thrives on competition. Unfortunately, when those at the top have the lion’s share, our so-called free market feels out of Balance.

Is the Higher Purpose of America’s socioeconomic model to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few? And if so, what are the Causes & Effects? Where is the Integrity in this Process? Do we Trust our elected officials?

When I look at American sports culture, I realize  it embodies socialist approaches. For instance, the NFL draft is now taking players for next season. Draft systems understand the problems of Power in the hands of the few and the perils of imbalance. Therefore, the worst teams select the best players first. This Process is an Enlightened method to re-Balance teams. Ultimately, though, the NFL operates on the same level as capitalism: competition.

If we had a draft system in life, though, what might it look like?  Inevitably, we’d have fallow periods, where we feel our best is behind us. But in Right Relationship with our partners and friends, we can draft what we need to bring out our best. The Wisdom Wheel can also help us draft what we need to gain Balance and enable us to make wiser Choices when we interact with others.

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