A Month of Enlightenment


Happy birthday to all Aries, myself included! The Aries season of the Zodiac (roughly March 20 – April 19) corresponds to the time of Enlightenment on the Wisdom Wheel. Of course, anytime is right time for Enlightenment! But for those of us studying the 36 Universal Laws, our annual Enlightenment wake-up call rings with the Spring Equinox.

As an Aries, I (and all other Aries) carry the Law of Enlightenment, for better or worse. It means that Enlightenment is my ‘assignment’ for this lifetime. Developing the Wisdom Wheel has certainly kept me attuned to Enlightenment. But it has also added a lot of weight to my life. If lugging around 36 rocks doesn’t make you appreciate lightening up, what will?

Truly, Enlightenment is a heavy word. It intimidates many people, myself included.

Somewhere along the way, a lot of us started to think that Enlightenment is beyond us mere humans. Where did we get the idea that only the spiritually-privileged monks, saints and gurus can attain Enlightenment? Who told us that we can only reach Enlightenment by renouncing our worldly lives to meditate and pray in monasteries, ashrams or convents?

Suzuki Roshi, an awakened Zen master once said, “There are no enlightened people, but there is Enlightenment.”

No one can buy or own Enlightenment. If someone tries to sell it to you, please run the other way. Buddhists have an anecdote about this: if you meet Buddha on the road, kill him. Many stories warn us about our gullibility and the preachers, gurus, and ‘medicine’ people who exploit it for profit or power.

But this shows me that our society has a real hunger for Enlightenment! Otherwise, this chicanery would be impossible.

What we must remember is that Enlightenment can’t be bought, because it must be experienced. Take the Wisdom Wheel, for example. If you purchase or create a set and leave to collect dust, how much Enlightenment would it bring you? Not much. We experience the Enlightenment of the Wisdom Wheel by laying it out, implementing its strategies during crises, discussing it with others. Reading about it isn’t it. This applies to any religious or spiritual practice — it’s called practice for a reason!

I recently met with the first alumni group of Wisdom Wheel grads. They are all my fellow teacher souls. Where else can I hear the language wisdom speaks as it comes out of human mouths? This is Enlightenment in my life.

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